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My ideal client is someone who is finished with doing the same things over-and-over and expecting different results. My clients are now ready and COMMITTED to change. I am a hands-on therapist who has seen and experienced a lot in life. These experiences allow me to speak from a voice of understanding and empathy. For best results, my clients should be willing to share, listen and do the homework necessary to achieve the results desired. I also welcome those clients who would like a therapist who is just willing to listen & lend an ear.

In addition to CBT, I also focus on providing MBCT…being present, focusing on the “now”. The use of mandalynths, yoga, and/or meditation are used as treatment modalities. Overall, I can tailor a program to fit your needs and provide you with tools to facilitate a lifelong change period.

I have 20+ years experience including hospital affiliations with JHH, Lifebridge & Sheppard Pratt. I have also been certified/trained in CISD.

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